Sunday Treats


Sometimes I work over the weekend. It’s partly out of habit and partly out of confusion. (I’m sure many nurses out there often ask: Why do people need weekends?) This week, however, I’ve been feeling a bit drained. Not only did I catch a very drippy cold but I’ve also had to think about choices I have to make very soon, some of which could drastically alter the course my life is taking at the…

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I’ve been meaning to post about my copy of Prashant Miranda‘s Journey Soujourn Journal which I got in the mail some time ago. But my schedule got a bit hectic and I couldn’t complete this entry until now!

Prash was one of the teachers in the first semester (“Beginnings”) of Sketchbook Skool. Even before the semester started, I was already taken by his art style which is at once simple and yet complex, loose and yet purposeful, whimsical and yet serious.


This art book chronicles Prash’s journeys through India in 2013. Actually, it’s a collection of about 200 pages from the visual journals that he brought along in his travels. It’s a lovely way to see his beautiful, soulful art and “travel” along with him through beautiful India.

The book had a difficult trip through the mail. This one took about a month and a half – longer than usual, but not too long that I was alarmed. Customs must have had something to do with the delay, since the package looked like it had been opened, and the cover slightly worn at the edges. However, that was not a big deal.

When I wrote to Prash telling him I already received the book and asking if I could write about it and post a few pictures, he responded with:

By all means. Please do write a blog entry of the book considering it has had it’s own adventurous journey of its own. ‘ the journey of Journey Sojourn Journal’

And it is interesting, isn’t it? That the book was created during a journey, and then it proceeded to have another journey itself!

Here are some of my favorite pages:

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One of the things that stood out for me about the print quality was how well the textures were captured! There were times where I could pretty much swear that the images were original sketches. Even the grain of the brown paper and a printout of a dried cherry blossom looked quite real!

The sketches themselves were no disappointment. Reading it felt like I was travelling India through Prash’s eyes. How I wish I myself could travel like that, seeing everything with beauty, simplicity and peace! I’m happy I got this book while I could (it was a limited edition). I tend to overthink and overwork my sketches. Reading through this book reminds me to loosen up, to make sketching an effortless exercise.

Incidentally, I got the book right before I took a three-day trip. The first time I pored over it was in between a ten-hour bus ride! It seems that the Journey Sojourn Journal’s journeys aren’t over yet!


If you want to find out more about Prash, visit his blog. Incidentally, he was also featured in a National Geographic documentary. If you love his work, you’ll absolutely love seeing him in action even more:

Madhya Pradesh – The heart of incredible India from luv kalla on Vimeo.

The Journey of the Journey Sojourn Journal I’ve been meaning to post about my copy of Prashant Miranda’s Journey Soujourn Journal which I got in the mail some time ago.

Love Local


There is this really weird myth in the Philippines that things that are imported goods (particularly brands that are popular in Western countries) are always high quality and classy. That’s how people end up paying about a hundred pesos on plastic jewelry that was probably made from molds in a machine, with numerous copies being produced and sold worldwide. And then arguably more beautiful,…

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My Orchestra Dilemma

Sometimes I feels like I’m playing piano in an orchestra. But there is no conductor. I’m playing my piece as I know it, but also by ear, listening to all the other musicians and their instruments making sure I’m in time with them.

However, some of the other musicians are not playing by ear. They’re playing to their own beat. And it’s hard to know how to blend in my part so it sounds good with…

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Before we get to the art, let me ramble a little bit:

I haven’t posted in over a month! But that’s only because May has been such a crazy, crazy month. In a good way.

The beginning of May marked a super exciting vacation to Dapitan City with high school friends. At the end of the first week, was the Balay MindanawAnniversary (which resulted in quite a few sleepless nights). And then there was a…

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Art Journal 4/16/2014: Tekenen is een Wereldtaal

Art Journal 4/16/2014: Tekenen is een Wereldtaal


I just realized I hadn’t posted this yet! It’s watercolor and color pencil on non-watercolor paper so the washes don’t look so clean. :P

So among the statements that got me thinking during klass in Sketchbook Skool (among many others!) is this Dutch phrase, which is also the title of Koosje‘s granddad’s art book: Tekenen is een Wereldtaal or Drawing is a World Language.

I guess, being a bit of…

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Thoughts on tools:

Give a carpenter a set of tools, and he’ll know exactly what to do with them. He’s not going to drive in a nail with a saw, or cut a board with a hammer. Also, if he is also given a screwdriver, he’s not going to put the screwdriver to use just because it’s there. If he does put it to use, it’s because it fits his purpose.

Writing tools are pretty much the same. You have to know what they’re for.…

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Art Journal 4/20/2014: Broken Things

Art Journal 4/20/2014: Broken Things



For Easter, the family went over to the beach to unwind. The beach was full of broken things: A tree that was broken by the typhoon Bopha/Pablo in 2012. A wall that looked like it was built by some guy who had no idea what a wall was and was simply told to “stack a bunch of rocks and pour cement on it”. And this scarred, evil cat (we named it Evil Cat) who, we suspected, was sucking up our souls:

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Art Journal 4/19/2014: First Sketchcrawl!

Guess who had her first sketchcrawl?


Last week’s homework involved doing a sketchcrawl. Last week I had a deadline to beat and then promptly got very sick, so I couldn’t exactly do it. Today, I was still not feeling 100% but decided to get on with it anyway.

I started at about 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning with a cup of cappuccino at Coffee Works. Cafes are always a nice place to start drawing right? But I felt so uncomfortable with…

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Art Journal 4/15/2014: Skoolwork

Art Journal 4/15/2014: Of monkeys and colored pencils



As you already know, I’m taking Sketchbook Skool, which is an awesome online art course on visual journaling. We’re already in our third week of klass and I must say I’m impressed by the course! As early as now, I think it’s safe to say that even if the founders Danny and Koosje are still learning themselves, the course can be very effective in teaching people to make art.

This is because the…

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